(Updated in July 2020)

I am a Computer Science Graduate student at Stony Brook University, New York. I’m a technology enthusiast who loves digging deep into various aspects of Computer Science.
I started contributing to Linux kernel about a few years back and interned under Jonathan Corbet. If you wish to read about my project click here.


  • Speaker/Presenter at –
  1. Open Source Summit, Europe  [2017]
  2. Open Source Summit and Automotive Grade Linux, Tokyo  [2018]
  3. Open source summit and ELC, Edinburgh  [2018]
  4. Open source summit, North America [2019]


  • Master’s in Computer Science, Stony Brook University [2019-2021]
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), Sardar Patel institute of technology (CGPA 8.6) [2013-2017]


  • SRE intern at LinkedIn [2020]

Built a self-service tool to deploy schema changes to Oracle databases. The portal is used by DBA’s/Schema owners to save time (by ~3 hours/man-day), reduce human touch-points in a tedious deployment process and have a one-click DML/DDL deployment. Technologies used – Python, Flask, Oracle RDBMS, Jinja2, PyGradle, SqlPlus CLI, Kafka, Git

  • Technology analyst at Credit Suisse, India [2017-2019]

Full-stack developer in a team developing a large-scale Distributed system for Real-time Settlement of Trades (RTS).
Built and secured Spring Boot microservices into the trade cycle management component.
Implemented significant features and deliverables pertaining to trade management use-cases
Single-handedly took ownership of a UI component after the exit of an SME.
Worked in an Agile team, well versed with practicalities of SCRUM, Test Driven Development.
Experienced in version control tools like GIT and ticket tracking platforms like JIRA.
Tasked with crucial system administration responsibilities and providing innovative solutions to platform issues.
Resolved multiple issues on Dev/Prod environments with assistance from the QA team.
Automated deployment for a component using CI/CD pipelines.

  • Linux kernel intern at the Linux Foundation [May 2017 – Aug 2017]

Merged ~50 patches to the mainline Linux kernel tree. (Mentor: Jonathan Corbet – LWN Chief Editor, and senior kernel Maintainer)
Wrote scripts to automate documentation and resolved bugs in the Sphinx build.
Fixed important bugs related to memory management, I/O, device drivers, locking mechanisms, endianness.
Replaced usage of deprecated Linux APIs with newer ones.
Used static analysis and transformation tools (Coccinelle, Checkpatch and other built-in scripts) to improve code quality and readability of the kernel.

  • Head of the Programmer’s Incorporation – PI Club of SPIT. [2015-16]
  • In the Mozilla – Kinto (IRC: #kinto) contributor’s team. (https://github.com/orgs/Kinto/people) [2016]



Major projects:

  • Compas Lab: Maintenance, performance benchmarking and improvement of a FPGA-based NPU driver under Prof. Ferdman.
  • Mathematical problem solver: Developed an AI-based application that allows users to capture images of mathematical expressions and solves them using a computational engine. Technical paper titled ‘Mathematical equation solver using OCR’ presented at university paper presentation event. [2017]
  • Scheduler​: ​ Implemented a real-time scheduling policy – Highest Response Ratio Next for Linux kernel 4.18. [2019]
  • Bot-Bucket​: ​ Built a framework for the classification of obfuscated malware and bot binaries. [2019]
  • S2FSProgrammed a virtual file-system that fetches process-related metadata for all system processes on an on-demand basis. [2019]
  • Document clustering: Demonstrated clustering of similar documents using the K-means algorithm and Hadoop as a part of the Big Data course. [2017]
  • Retail Analysis: Built a recommendation system using retail data provided by a local chain called Costello Ace. (iPython, scikit-learn, pandas, etc.) [2019]
  • Personal Security Tracker: Created an Android app called ‘SoS’ with quick screen gestures to allow users to send alerts to emergency contacts in suspicious situations along with location tracking and a siren alarm provision to seek help in dangerous situations. [2016]

Mini projects:

  • Operating Systems: Wrote a Linux device driver for a USB pen-drive(Transcend) on a self-built kernel. [2016]
  • Distributed systems: Implemented a Load Balancer using the round-robin algorithm. [2017]
  • Packet sniffing: Implemented interception and logging of traffic that passes over a network in Python. [2016]
  • Brain skills testing games: Developed a set of games that tested various brain skills like quickness, spatial skills, response etc. as a part of OOP course. [2014]
  • Image processing: Implemented image filters using image convolution and FFT techniques. [2016]
  • Web development: Designed an interactive website portal for online eatables ordering from a variety of outlets built using PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, REST. [2015]
  • Cyber Snooping project: Drafted an extensive report on the study of cyber snooping by firms, governments and countries working in a team of 5. [2015]


  • Google Student Scholar – GHC 2019
  • Google Grant Awardee – Attended USENIX SRE conference, Germany. [2018]
  • Featured in IT newsletters (APAC, EMEA divisional) for technological contributions to my firm. [2018]
  • Received the ‘Star IT Excellence award – 2018’ among all India employees at Credit Suisse. [2018]
  • Authored an article on ‘Linux kernel patching’ for opensource.com, a RedHat website. [2018]
  • Volunteer at Grace Hopper celebrations India – GHCI, sponsored by Credit Suisse [2019]
  • Part of the FOSS (Free and open-source software) Outreachy community.
  • Conducted workshops on hosting, open-source, basics in operating systems at my university [2016-17]
  • Android app for ‘Expense Tracking’ was shortlisted among the top 5 apps at Credit Suisse. [2015]
  • Taught Science/English to children at Abhyudaya – an NGO in Mumbai. [2015]


Contact Info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sayli-karnik/               karniksayli1995@gmail.com