I am a Computer Science Graduate student at Stony Brook University, New York. I’m a technology enthusiast who loves digging deep into various aspects of computer science.
I started contributing to Linux kernel about a few years back and interned under Jonathan Corbet. If you wish to read about my project CLICK HERE


  • Speaker/Presenter at –
  1. Open Source Summit, Europe  [2017]
  2. Open Source summit and Automotive Grade Linux, Tokyo  [2018]
  3. Open source summit and ELC, Edinburgh  [2018]
  4. Open source summit, North America [2019]


  • Master’s in computer science, Stony Brook University [2019-2021]
  • Bachelor of engineering (Computer Science), Sardar Patel institute of technology (CGPA 8.6) [2013-2017]

GITHUB: github.com/Sayli-Karnik


Major projects:

  • Mathematical problem solver: Developed an AI based application which allows users to capture images of mathematical expressions and solves them using a computational engine. Technical paper titled ‘Mathematical equation solver using OCR’ presented at university paper presentation event. [2017]
  • Document clustering: Demonstrated clustering of similar documents using K-means algorithm and Hadoop as a part of the Big Data course. [2017]
  • Personal Security Tracker: Created an Android app called ‘SoS’ with quick screen gestures to allow users to send alerts to emergency contacts in suspicious situations along with location tracking and a siren alarm provision to seek help in dangerous situations. [2016]

Mini projects:

  • Expert system: Built a movie recommendation system in Prolog using the concept of collaborative filtering. [2016]
  • Operating Systems: Wrote a Linux device driver for a USB pen-drive(Transcend) on a self-built kernel. [2016]
  • Distributed systems: Implemented a Load Balancer using the round robin algorithm. [2017]
  • Packet sniffing: Implemented interception and logging of traffic that passes over a network in Python. [2016]
  • Brain skills testing games: Developed a set of games that tested various brain skills like quickness, spatial skills, response etc. as a part of OOP course. [2014]
  • Image processing: Implemented image filters using image convolution and FFT techniques. [2016]
  • Web development: Designed an interactive website portal for online eatables ordering from a variety of outlets built using PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, REST. [2015]
  • Cyber Snooping project: Drafted an extensive report on the study of cyber snooping by firms, governments and countries working in a team of 5. [2015]


  • Technology analyst at Credit Suisse, India [2017-2019]

Co-developed and maintained various components (Java/Spring boot, Angular) of a large scale Distributed system for real-time settlement of trades. I was also responsible for carrying out crucial sysadmin tasks and driving innovative solutions to recurring platform issues.

  • Linux kernel intern at the Linux Foundation [May 2017 – Aug 2017]

Merged 52 patches to the areas like memory management, I/O, documentation builds, device drivers, locking mechanisms, Linux APIs, code quality and bugs of the Linux kernel tree.

  • Head of the Programmer’s Incorporation – PI Club of SPIT. [2015-16]
  • In the Mozilla – Kinto (IRC: #kinto) contributor’s team. (https://github.com/orgs/Kinto/people) [2016]


  • Google student scholar – GHC 2019
  • Google grant awardee – Attended USENIX SRE conference, Germany. [2018]
  • Featured in IT newsletters (APAC, EMEA divisional) for technological contributions to my firm. [2018]
  • Received the ‘Star IT Excellence award – 2018’ among all India employees at Credit Suisse. [2018]
  • Authored an article on ‘Linux kernel patching’ for opensource.com, a RedHat website. [2018]
  • Volunteer at Grace Hopper celebrations India – GHCI, sponsored by Credit Suisse [2019]
  • Part of the FOSS (Free and open-source software) Outreachy community.
  • Conducted workshops on hosting, open source, basics in operating systems at my university [2016-17]
  • Android app for ‘Expense Tracking’ was shortlisted among the top 5 apps at Credit Suisse. [2015]
  • Taught Science/English to children at Abhyudaya – an NGO in Mumbai. [2015]