I am a computer engineering student from Mumbai, India. I’m a technology enthusiast who loves digging deep into various aspects of computer science. I am currently a Technology analyst at Credit Suisse, India.
I started contributing to Linux kernel about a year back and interned with Linux kernel, mentored by Jonathan Corbet. If you wish to read about my project CLICK HERE



Bachelor of engineering (Computer Science), Sardar Patel institute of technology
(CGPA: 8.6)

GITHUB: github.com/Sayli-Karnik


  • Xcalibur: An angular based application with underlying query builder to calculate market risk of traders’ portfolios.
  • Mathematical problem solver: An AI based application which allows users to capture images of mathematical expressions and solves them using Tesseract OCR and Wolfram alpha.
  • Document clustering: The project clusters textual documents based on keywords that are usually grouped together. The grouping is done based on similarity of word frequencies. The algorithm used is K-means clustering algorithm in a distributed system.
  • Personal Security Tracker: Created an Android app to allow users to send alerts to emergency contacts in suspicious situations in a prompt manner along with location tracking and a siren alarm provision to seek help in dangerous situations.
  • Packet sniffing: Implemented interception and logging of traffic that passes over a digital network using Python.
  • Brain skills testing games: Developed a set of games that tested various brain skills like quickness, spatial skills, response etc. It was built using applets in Java.
  • Operating Systems: Simulated commands in Linux.
  • Website development: Designed an interactive website portal for online eatables ordering from a variety of outlets built using PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap.
  • Cyber Snooping project: Drafted an extensive report on the study of cyber snooping by firms, governments and countries working in a team of 5.


  • Technology analyst at Credit Suisse, India
  • Head of the Programmer’s Incorporation – PI Club of SPIT. [2015-16]
  • In the Mozilla – Kinto (IRC: #kinto) contributor’s team. (https://github.com/orgs/Kinto/people) [2016]


  • Conducted workshops on hosting, open source, basics in operating systems at my university
  • Android app for ‘Expense Tracking’ was shortlisted among the top 10 apps at Credit Suisse. [2015]
  • Robotics workshop by Robosapiens Technologies. [2013]


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